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I am an online coach who coaches business professionals striving to seize control of your health, energy, and physique. I have been in the fitness industry for 14 years. I have worked at all levels and helped thousands of people achieve their dream physique.

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What my clients say


“I hired Lewys in September 2020, although I had always had a keen interest in weight lifting, cardio, nutrition and supplementation.  I had never been able to put it all together and get the results I wanted aesthetically. 



Before Lewys, my viewpoint was: 


"weight-loss is very hard and gaining weight was very easy."


 Skip forward nine months and after implementing a personalised training schedule, nutrition plan and continuous support and adaption of said plan, I have found my viewpoint completely altered:


"Weight-loss is easy and gaining lean muscle tissue is actually harder" ( it's just much more fun in the food department).


When you start you will l only say exactly what I said:


"Why didn't I do this years ago"


Your future self will thank you.”

Jon Hayton


What my clients say

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“Lewys was the first coach I ever hired. Having played professional sports for 10 years, I thought I knew how to do it all. 


Not only the brilliant detail on his nutritional approach but his vast knowledge in exercise selection for bodybuilding and his personal continued development, he is able to deliver serious results. 


This, along with the weekly accountability, is a win-win! 


You were a massive driver in me becoming an online coach so huge respect man!”

Jake Abbott



Thirteen years ago, at the dawn of online coaching, I found myself with determination and a passion for helping others thrive through platforms like Bebo, email, and the iconic MSN messenger (shows my age, haha).

In 2018, I took on the role of Fitness Manager at Fitness First Gym, where I honed my leadership skills and dedicated myself to our members' well-being. 

From there, I became the general manager of Revolution Fitness, a private gym. 

Here, I oversaw the facility's day-to-day operations and served as an on-floor Personal Trainer, directly impacting clients' lives.

During this time, I participated in competitive bodybuilding, a path that had seen me through over 30 bodybuilding/fitness competitions in the span of seven years. 

Now, recognising the need for a profound shift towards holistic health and well-being, I decided to prioritise health over accolades, embarking on a transformative journey to optimise every facet of my life while maintaining peak physical condition.

Along the way, I sought knowledge, earning over eight certifications in health and fitness, each a testament to my consistent commitment to growth and evolution.

Don't let time constraints hinder your journey to a healthier, stronger, and more fulfilled you.

Join me and take the proactive step towards transforming your physique and reclaiming control of your life today.

Let's partner together to sculpt your desired physique and unlock your full potential for success.

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